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This campaign generator stands as a testament to the immersive storytelling that intertwines with the Miniature battle system of Battlefleet Gothic. Gone are the days of standalone skirmishes; now, your fleet admirals and flagships embark on a grand odyssey, becoming the central protagonists of their own sagas.

The campaign rules itself is written in Blue while my own ongoing campaign is written in Orange.

Gothic Campaign Generator
Spaceport Mining Facillity Hideout Unexplored Unexplored Unexplored Foes Fleet Record Primaris Fleet Record Secundus Crimson Dune The Well AR-22 Kastrad The Wall Vinus Golden Fields Turn Sequence Access Granted Agenda


[Major Colony] [Cordial] [Agreement]

Port Vindaria, a vital spaceport hub, teems with starfarers, traders, and whispers of intrigue. Amidst hangars and markets, it stands as a cosmic crossroads, attracting traders, explorers, and the occasional lurking danger. In this bustling cosmic tapestry, your fleet's fate awaits, shaped by alliances and hidden fortunes.

Mining Facillity

"Trombar V"
[Minor Colony] [Cordial] [Agreement]

An isolated outpost amidst drifting asteroids, the mining colony operates under perpetual darkness. Miners toil, extracting valuable ores while keeping an eye out for lurking dangers in the vast unknown.


"Void Haven"

[Minor Settlement] [Hostile] [Agreement]

Nestled within the shadowy expanse of an asteroid belt, Void Haven is a secretive sanctuary for smugglers, renegades, and black market traders. Concealed from prying eyes, its hidden docking bays offer refuge and anonymity. A cosmic underworld thrives here, where alliances are forged in whispers and caution is key. Amidst the shadows, your fleet must navigate the delicate dance of survival and subterfuge.


"Warp Rift Abyss"

[-] [-] [-]

The Warp Rift Abyss, an astral chasm, pulsates with unpredictable energies. Its cosmic turbulence distorts space and time, defying navigational logic. Within, spectral echoes of lost souls whisper tales of forbidden knowledge. To navigate this treacherous abyss is to gamble with cosmic forces that can bend fate itself.


"The Lost Starstrider"

[-] [-] [-]

Amidst the cosmic sea, whispers tell of The Lost Starstrider—an ancient spacefaring vessel, its origins shrouded in time's embrace. Legends recount the wisdom it holds, while others warn of its dormant sentience. Veiled by cosmic mists, the cosmic wanderers seek its elusive resting place, craving the key to untold cosmic truths.


"Outpost Thule"

[-] [-] {-]

Buried deep within the cosmic wilderness, Outpost Thule stands as a relic of Imperial expansion. Its origins lost to time, it awaits rediscovery. Cosmic storms and celestial guardians protect this ancient bastion, rumored to harbor long-forgotten technologies and hidden archives. Explorers yearn to unveil its secrets and reclaim its ancient glory for the Imperium.


Foe Within “The Ruin Within”

Criminals and murderers, compelled by a dark power.
Bastion: Hidden

Foe Within “The Gnawling Horde”

Beast-like hordes that emerge from underground to reclaim the world.
Bastion: Hidden

Foe Without “The Curse of War”

A brutal war becomes a curse upon the Region.
Bastion: Hidden

Fleet Record Primaris

Captain: Cador Tablath
"Eternal Justice" Gothic Cruiser
Pts: 180

Captain: Tamara Alphatina
[Loyal] [Ld8]
"Pride of Alphatina"  Defiant Light Cruiser
Pts: 120

Captain: Yadir Keel
[Loyal] [Ld7]
"Sigmator" Firestorm Frigate
"Dorian" Firestorm Frigate
Pts: 70

Captain: Luthor Stern
[Loyal] [Ld7]
"Astral Hawk" Cobra Destroyer
"Bald Eagle" Cobra Destroyer
"The Penguin" Cobra Destroyer
Pts: 90

Total pts value: 510

Fleet Record Secundus

[No active records]

Crimson Dune

Deep within the cold expanse of Sectorum Ferrus lies the perilous region known as Crimson Dune. Its eerie crimson-hued nebula conceals lurking dangers and hidden relics, disrupting navigation and communication. Legend speaks of the "Dune Crystal," a lost artifact of unimaginable power, sought by the Crimson Templars. Amidst piracy and treachery, the Imperial Navy's Battlefleet Ferrus guards the distant orbital outpost "Fortress Ferrum." Warbands of Battlefleet Gothic venture into Crimson Dune, facing danger, intrigue, and opportunity. Navigating treacherous currents, engaging rivals, and uncovering ancient secrets, they seek glory and honor amidst the grim darkness of the Gothic sector.

The Well

In the vast emptiness of Sectorum Ferrus lies "The Well," a mysterious region of desolate void where stars seem to fade into eternity. Amidst this bleak expanse, a breathtaking phenomena known as "The Shimmering Veil" dances with radiant colors. It is said to hold the key to untold power and knowledge. The Imperial Navy's Battlefleet Ferrus seeks to unravel its secrets, braving the unknown dangers and ancient relics scattered within. As spacefleets venture forth, they confront the enigmatic Veil's allure, battling rival factions and exploring hidden anomalies. Within the grim darkness of The Well, destiny and doom intertwine.


Amidst the boundless expanse of "The Well," AR-22 stands veiled in mysteries. Three whispers echo across cosmic winds: an eldritch artifact's potent allure, ancient xenos custodians of cosmic knowledge, and a dormant fleet waiting in somber slumber. Battlefleet Ferrus succumbs to alluring enigmas, lured toward the cryptic heart of AR-22's nebulous enclaves. The cosmic dance unfolds, a tapestry of secrets and treasures woven across stellar drifts. In the void's twilight embrace, destinies intertwine with cosmic whispers, for within AR-22, the esoteric reveals itself to the bold and the curious.


In the distant realm of the "Golden Fields," a star system casts a haunting allure known as Kastrad. Whispers permeate the cosmic winds, weaving tales of planets settled by enigmatic beings of unknown origin. An aura of mystery envelopes the celestial expanse, where the lost have vanished without a trace, forever entwined with the cosmic enigma. The void shrouds its secrets, concealing the truth behind the veiled curtains of Kastrad. Amidst trepidation and fascination, brave voidfarers seek answers, drawn by the allure of unraveling the enigmatic past hidden within the System's dark embrace.

The Wall

In the vast expanse of the Gothic sector lies a hyperactive nebula shrouded in darkness and trepidation – the enigmatic expanse known as "The Wall." Its name resonates with mystery, for only a few have dared to venture into its tumultuous depths. Glittering with electrifying hues, this stellar phenomenon exerts a magnetic pull on celestial travelers, drawing them closer to its captivating brilliance. Yet, fear and caution keep most at bay, for tales of lost ships and unexplained phenomena linger like ghostly echoes within The Wall's ever-shifting veils. As whispers of untold wonders and unseen perils echo through the void, The Wall remains a realm of wonder and mystery, daring only the boldest to unlock its secrets.


Deep within the enigmatic region known as "The Well," a peculiar phenomenon captivates the minds of scientists and explorers alike – the enigmatic pulsar "Vinus." This stellar entity defies conventional understanding, its pulsations exhibiting erratic and unpredictable patterns, reminiscent of a cosmic dance. Curiously, recent observations have unveiled peculiar nuances that bear a striking resemblance to sentient communication. Whispers among the scientific community suggest that Vinus may be more than just a natural celestial wonder; it could harbor a form of cosmic intelligence yet to be comprehended. The allure of deciphering its cryptic messages draws both awe and trepidation, for within the cosmic riddles of Vinus lies the possibility of unlocking profound truths about the universe itself.

Golden Fields

The Golden Fields, a mesmerizing space region basked in the ethereal glow emanating from its neighbor, The Wall. As beautiful as it is treacherous, traversing the Fields presents a perilous journey, with sporadic asteroid showers and unpredictable energy bursts spewing from The Wall's vicinity. Yet, amidst the hazards lies a tantalizing allure—the abundant presence of valuable minerals. Mining expeditions braving the dangers are rewarded with rich resources that fuel the industries of distant systems. However, caution is paramount as the Golden Fields guard their riches fiercely, making every venture into this radiant expanse a breathtaking dance between risk and reward.

Turn Sequence

Step 1: Local Events
Step 2: Upkeep
-Repair & Heal
Step 3: Campaign Activities
Step 4: Trade (Town only)
Step 5: Research
Step 6: Actions
-Rest Up
-Enemy Camp
-Enemy Bastion
-Relic Investigation
Step 7: Outfit for Adventure


Access Granted

Fleet Resources: 15
Loyalty Status: All [Loyal]

Crew Records
Captains Log


" Information costs"
Sector: The Well
Location: AR-22
Tasks completed: -

You need to get help from a wise individual who has the information you need. But nothing is free. At the location, you must generate and carry out a Contract. You receive no pay for this. Once the Contract has been completed, you may then return to the location to complete the task.

Note: Add Unexplored Location to The Well

– Gothic Campaign Generator-
a rustic machination to  weld together   your grand gaming experience.

Within this framework, your characters shall embark on thrilling spacefaring journeys, participating in multiple campaigns that shape their story. Each campaign serves as a pivotal chapter, unveiling new challenges, epic battles, and personal growth in the vast cosmos of Battlefleet Gothic. From daring explorations to treacherous encounters, these campaigns will etch the legacy of your fleet admiral and flagship upon the stars. Let the saga begin!


Information of importance to the campaign goals and the storytelling aspect.


Information regarding the captain, the fleet, it`s crew and holdings.


Information of importance to the campaign goals and the storytelling aspect.


Create the characters, fleets, uncharted worlds and chose which campaign goals that shape their gripping saga's destiny.


The structure of the campaign is revolves around four stages in which each campaign turn consists of.

Character Creation

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Title: Into the Dark Expanse – A Battlefleet Gothic Campaign Generator


In the cold void of space, where star systems teeter on the edge of forgotten oblivion and cosmic battles rage, lies the unfathomable realm known as the Gothic Sector. Countless light-years from the heart of the Imperium, this mysterious expanse beckons captains of valor and cunning to wage war, forge alliances, and chart a course through treacherous darkness. Welcome to “Into the Dark Expanse,” a Battlefleet Gothic Campaign Generator, where the fate of the sector rests in your hands.

Chapter 1: A Galaxy in Turmoil

Amidst the vast canvas of the Gothic Sector, a tale of turmoil and grandeur unfolds. A tumultuous epoch has dawned upon the stars, and the time has come for stalwart admirals and cunning tacticians to seize their chance for glory. The fabric of the sector’s destiny is woven by the ambitions of countless factions, each vying for dominance and supremacy.

The Imperium of Man stands as a bastion of hope, its formidable fleets sailing with the Emperor’s might in their hearts. Yet, the heretical forces of Chaos, driven by malevolence and the Dark Gods’ whispers, seek to consume all that is righteous. Between these titanic powers lie countless other factions – Eldar corsairs seeking their ancient artifacts, the brutish Ork warbands raiding for plunder, the ancient Necron dynasties reawakening from slumber, and the cunning forces of the Tau, forging a path of unity amidst the chaos.

Chapter 2: Embark on an Odyssey

In this campaign generator, you and your friends shall assume the roles of battlefleet admirals, each commanding a powerful fleet of warships and setting forth on an epic odyssey through the Gothic Sector. Your actions and choices will shape the narrative, deciding the fate of entire star systems and determining the course of the sector’s history.

As you embark on your journey, “Into the Dark Expanse” offers a modular and dynamic experience, inspired by the acclaimed “Five Leagues from the Borderlands” system. Your fleet’s progression will be measured not only by victorious battles but also by the strategic decisions made during times of peace. Trade routes, diplomatic overtures, covert operations, and intelligence gathering – all play a crucial role in your quest for supremacy.

Chapter 3: Unveiling the Campaign System

The “Into the Dark Expanse” campaign generator provides a set of innovative tools and mechanics to facilitate a captivating and engaging narrative. Utilizing a combination of dice rolls, narrative events, and player choices, your fleet’s path will be filled with countless challenges, opportunities, and unexpected encounters.

  1. Character Creation: Assemble your admiral and fleet, customizing their attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.

  2. Sector Generation: Procedurally generate the Gothic Sector, defining its distinct star systems, mysterious phenomena, and potential hidden threats.

  3. Missions and Objectives: Embark on a series of unique missions, each presenting a varied set of challenges, from ambushes and rescues to full-scale fleet engagements.

  4. Resource Management: Manage your fleet’s resources, balancing maintenance, crew morale, and scarce supplies, all crucial for maintaining operational efficiency.

  5. Dynamic Storytelling: Seamlessly weave a narrative driven by your decisions, encounters, and the overall progress of the campaign.

Chapter 4: The Fate of the Gothic Sector

The Gothic Sector awaits its champions. Will you rise to the challenge, steering the course of history and carving your name among the sector’s legends? Prepare to face treacherous foes, uncover ancient secrets, and navigate the stormy waters of the Gothic Sector. Rally your fleet, set your coordinates, and brace for the unknown – for your destiny and that of the Gothic Sector are intertwined, waiting to be written in the annals of the stars.

May the Emperor’s light guide you, and may your fleet emerge triumphant in the depths of the Dark Expanse. The future is yours to shape.

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