Action: Research

As you prepare for the treacherous adventures that lie ahead in the grim darkness of the Battlefleet Gothic, consider conducting research to gain valuable insights. During this step, you can attempt two different tasks:


Reach out to Connections (Settlement / Camp):

Every character in Battlefleet Gothic has contacts—individuals they have encountered, old comrades, or associates from their past. You may opt to roll a D100 to see if you receive communication from one of these contacts. The roll is optional, allowing you to focus on other pressing matters if your plate is already filled with important tasks.

Connections Table (Roll d100) 

01-40 – No result – No significant connection at this time.

41-55 – Friend’s Aid –
One of your trusted friends from your Fleet Registers decides to offer their assistance.
Roll a D6:
1-2: Gain +1 Adventure Point.
3-4: Receive +2 Gold Marks.
5-6: Earn +1 Story Point.

56-65 – Settlement Contract –
If your location is in the same Map Area as a Settlement, you receive an offer for a Contract (see p.100). Otherwise, treat this as no result.

66-90 – Contract Opportunity –
You have the chance to take on a Contract (see p.100).

91-100 – Quest Opportunity –
An exciting quest presents itself (see p.105) for you to undertake and seek great rewards.

Track Down

Track down a Camp or Bastion:
In your quest to rid the galaxy of malevolent forces, you may choose to investigate and locate enemy encampments or hidden hideouts. This will aid in formulating strategic plans and launching daring offensives against your foes. Prepare for the challenges that await as you embark on this vital reconnaissance mission.

Discover Hidden Location

To find a specific hidden location, specify the location you are searching for, and then attempt an Adventure Milestone (see p.74). If you successfully achieve the Adventure Milestone, you have managed to identify the hidden location in question. Roll a D6 to determine the precise placement of the location, and mark it on your map for further exploration.

Hidden Location Table

Roll a D6 to determine the placement of the hidden location:

1-3: The hidden location is in the same Map Area as a random settlement.

4-5: The hidden location is in the Wilderness, away from settlements and other known locations.

6: If there is an Unexplored Location marked on your map, randomly pick one, and place the Camp or Bastion in the same Map Area as the chosen Unexplored Location. If you have no Unexplored Locations marked, place it in the Wilderness, isolated and unknown

Rediscovering Locations

Once a location has been found, you may visit it at any time using the normal rules, without needing to search for its location again. However, certain events can cause a location to become Hidden again, shrouding it in secrecy once more. If this happens, you must endeavor to locate it anew. Roll a D6 to determine the placement of the location again, following the rules provided in the “Hidden Location Table” on the previous page. Your map may change, and you must approach the search with caution and determination.