Captain`s Log

“In the cold expanse of the void, we sail as the Emperor’s guardians, seeking truth and vanquishing darkness. Our quest may be perilous, but with faith in the Emperor’s light, we shall prevail. Let this log serve as a testament to our endeavors, guiding our path through the stars. Together, we are the stalwart fleet of Primaris, bound by duty and honor, steadfast in our resolve. In the name of the Imperium, we shall overcome all challenges that dare to oppose us.”

– Captain Cador Tablath, Fleet Primaris.




Log Entry: Location: Uncharted Expanse

Today, our fleet ventured into the uncharted expanse, and amidst the vast void, we stumbled upon rogue traders lurking like vultures. With wary resolve, I managed to secure their reluctant support for our ongoing quest.

Their begrudging offer provides a much-needed edge to our beleaguered expedition, granting us the means to undertake an additional explore action. Yet, alliances with such scoundrels come at a cost – a perilous quest of “Information costs” reveals itself through an Imperial spy defecting from the Roguetradership while docked. We seek wisdom and knowledge, but nothing is bestowed for free. A Contract must be carried out at the location, demanding sacrifices without compensation.

As we traversed the AR-22 system, we were ambushed by rogue traders, demanding toll or offerings. An unsettling suspicion lingers – the presence of an Imperial agent may have played a role in this encounter. Captain Cador’s astute negotiation skills averted immediate conflict, securing passage through a delicate deal.

May the Emperor’s vigilance shield us through the depths of darkness.

Captain Cador Tablath, Fleet Primaris

Expenditur: 2 Resources