Crew Records

Imperial Navy Fleet Command Official Statement

In the Emperor’s service, we present the crew records of valiant souls donning the Navy’s uniform. Bound by duty and courage, they face the void’s grim darkness. From seasoned Admirals to intrepid crew, each name etched upon these pages signifies sacrifice and valor. May their legacy shine brightly in the Emperor’s eternal reign. Imperator Vult

Fleet Captain

Cador Castellan

Intelligence: 3

Wisdom: 2

Charisma: 3

Constitution: 2

Glory: Seeking fame and recognition among the Battlefleet Gothic officers, Captain Aurora Castellan yearns to lead her fleet to resounding victories, earning admiration and honors.
Noble: Hailing from a prestigious noble family, Captain Castellan enjoys an elevated status within the Imperium and possesses a charismatic presence, gaining a +1 bonus to Charisma when dealing with high-ranking officials and aristocrats.

Tactical Genius: Captain Castellan has a keen strategic mind and excels in analyzing enemy formations, granting her a +1 bonus to Ship Tactics.
Fearless: Captain Castellan faces danger with unwavering determination, providing her a +1 bonus to Morale tests and the ability to maintain composure even in the direst of situations.
Quick Thinker: With swift tactical instincts, Captain Castellan gains a +1 bonus to Initiative, allowing her to act decisively and seize opportunities in the heat of space battles.


Dimensional Rift

“A mysterious dimensional rift opens in the midst of the battle, warping space-time.”

Rule Change: At the beginning of each turn, roll a D6 for each ship on the battlefield. On a roll of 1-3, the ship suffers a random critical damage effect due to dimensional instability.


Nebulaic Obscuration

” An expanding nebula envelops the battlefield, shrouding it in a dense cosmic mist.”

Rule Change: All ships suffer -1 to their Ballistic Skill and Weapon Skill due to reduced visibility within the nebula. Additionally, torpedo attacks are made at +1 range due to the nebulaic interference.


Gravitational Vortex

” A massive gravitational vortex forms, pulling nearby ships into its crushing embrace.”

Rule Change: At the end of each movement phase, all ships within 6″ of the vortex must pass a Leadership test. Failure results in the ship being pulled 2D6″ towards the vortex’s center. Colliding with the vortex causes immediate critical damage.


Solar Storm Surge

” A massive solar storm engulfs the battlefield, disrupting navigational systems and energy fields.”

Rule Change: At the beginning of each turn, roll a D6 for each ship on the battlefield. On a roll of 1-2, the ship’s shields are reduced by half due to energy fluctuations caused by the solar storm. On a roll of 3-4, the ship’s engine power is halved. On a roll of 5-6, the ship’s communications are disrupted, and it cannot receive orders for that turn.