Character Creation

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Characters of the Fleet

Your starting fleet har 2 High Ranking Characters and may also have an additional 2 Low Ranking Characters







(Choose one)

  • Noble: Comes from a prestigious noble family, gaining a +1 bonus to Charisma when dealing with high-ranking officials and aristocrats. The character starts with additional resources and influence in the campaign.
  • Merchant: Part of a wealthy merchant dynasty, obtaining a +1 bonus to Economic transactions and trade endeavors. The character starts with extra credits and valuable trade connections.
  • Rogue Trader: Descendant of a daring Rogue Trader lineage, earning a +1 bonus to Exploration and uncharted void encounters. The character has access to rare items and unique opportunities in the campaign.
  • Imperial Navy: Former high-ranking officer of the Imperial Navy, obtaining a +1 bonus to Ship Tactics and Fleet Management. The character starts with a well-disciplined and experienced crew, gaining additional ship upgrades.


(Choose two)

    • Fearless: Unfazed by danger, the character gains a +1 bonus to Morale tests and can attempt risky actions without penalties. This trait improves the chances of success during intense battles and hazardous encounters.
    • Quick Thinker: Possesses sharp tactical instincts, gaining a +1 bonus to Initiative and critical decision-making. This trait provides an edge in maneuvering and outsmarting opponents in space combat.
    • Demanding: Sets high standards, granting a +1 bonus to Crew Morale and ship effectiveness through discipline and strict orders. This trait helps maintain crew efficiency and reduces the chances of crew insubordination.
    • Curious: Eager to explore, unlocking special encounters and bonuses during Exploration. This trait enhances the chances of discovering valuable resources and hidden secrets during the campaign.
    • Resilient: Endures hardships, reducing the impact of injuries or adverse conditions on the character. This trait increases the character’s chances of survival during challenging missions and space battles.
    • Ambitious: Driven for power, increasing the character’s influence and opportunities to climb the ranks in the Imperium. This trait opens up additional career advancement and political opportunities in the campaign.
    • Loyal: Devoted to the Imperium, gaining loyalty bonuses with allied factions and increasing trust among the crew. This trait strengthens diplomatic relations and enhances the character’s reputation in the campaign.
    • Skeptic: Cautious and suspicious of the unknown, resisting manipulation and being less affected by psychic attacks or illusions. This trait improves the character’s resistance to psychological warfare and deceptive tactics during encounters.


(Choose one)

  1. Command (Leadership)

    • Charismatic: +1 Leadership in Battles and Campaign activities.
    • Tactical Genius: Reroll one failed Strategy roll per Battle.
    • Inspiring Presence: Allies in the same Ship gain +1 Morale.
    • Ruthless Strategist: +1 to Boarding Actions and Ambushes.
  2. Navigation (Piloting)

    • Expert Navigator: +1 to Navigate the Warp and Warp-based Campaign activities.
    • Astrogation Specialist: Reroll one failed Warp Navigation check per Campaign turn.
    • Warp Route Master: Once per Campaign turn, add +2 to the ship’s Travel roll.
    • Star Chart Enthusiast: Automatically know the location of one Hidden Enemy Camp.
  3. Engineering (Mechanic)

    • Master Technician: +1 to Repair and Maintain Ship rolls in Battles and Campaign.
    • Warp Drive Specialist: Reduce the chance of Warp-related mishaps by 1.
    • Plasma Drive Expert: Gain +1 to the ship’s Speed during Battles and Campaign Travel.
    • Reactor Overclocker: Once per Campaign turn, gain +1 to the ship’s Crew Management roll.
  4. Gunnery (Gunman)

    • Crack Shot: +1 to hit with ship weaponry during Battles.
    • Targeting Master: Reroll one failed Ship’s Weaponry attack roll per Battle.
    • Rapid Fire Specialist: +1 to the ship’s Maneuverability during Battles.
    • Gunnery Savant: Once per Battle, ignore the penalty for moving and firing.
  5. Communication (Communication)

    • Gifted Orator: +1 to Negotiation and Leadership rolls in Campaign activities.
    • Cryptology Expert: Automatically detect one Hidden Enemy Hideout on the map.
    • Long-range Comms Specialist: +1 to Intercept enemy communications.
    • Signals Analyst: Gain +1 to the ship’s detection rolls during Battles.
  6. Warp Sensitivity (Sensitivity)

    • Astropathic Connection: Communicate telepathically with other characters on the ship.
    • Psychic Warp Resilience: Gain +1 to resist Psychic-based effects and attacks.
    • Warp Anomaly Tracker: Automatically detect one Hidden Enemy Delve on the map.
    • Warp Sight: Ignore the effects of the Warp Storms event in Campaign activities.
  7. Crew Management (Management)

    • Veteran Shipmaster: +1 to the ship’s Crew Management rolls in Campaign activities.
    • Resourceful Quartermaster: Automatically find one Rare Item during Trade Campaign activity.
    • Disciplined Crew: +1 to the ship’s Morale during Battles.
    • Motivational Speaker: Reroll one failed Morale test during a Battle.


(Choose one)

                     Exploration (Exploration)

    • Cartographer: Automatically map one Unexplored Location on the map.
    • Survivalist: Reroll one failed Travel check per Campaign turn.
    • Xeno-Archaeologist: Gain +1 to Discover Xeno-Artifacts during Delve exploration.
    • Reconnaissance Specialist: Gain +1 to Ambush and Reconnaissance rolls.

      Trade (Trade)
      • Astute Trader: +1 to Trade and Negotiation rolls in Campaign activities.
      • Resourceful Merchant: Gain +1 Gold Mark per successful Trade Campaign activity.
      • Black Market Connections: Automatically locate one Hidden Enemy Camp or Hideout on the map.
      • Negotiation Master: Reroll one failed Negotiation roll per Campaign turn.
  1. Combat (Combat)

    • Skilled Duelist: +1 to hit and damage during Boarding Actions.
    • Master Tactician: Reroll one failed Strategy roll during Battles.
    • Mercenary Leader: Automatically recruit one Follower after a successful Battle.
    • Veteran Soldier: +1 to hit with personal weapons during Boarding Actions.

  2. Research (Research)

    • Scholarly Mind: +1 to Research rolls and detecting Hidden Enemy Delves.
    • Investigative Savvy: Reroll one failed Research roll per Campaign turn.
    • Techno-Arcane Expertise: Gain +1 to Salvage Tech and Archaeotech during Campaign activities.
    • Ancient Knowledge Seeker: Gain +1 to Discover Relics and Artefacts during Delve exploration.

Rule Change: All ships suffer -1 to their Ballistic Skill and Weapon Skill due to reduced visibility within the nebula. Additionally, torpedo attacks are made at +1 range due to the nebulaic interference.


Gravitational Vortex

” A massive gravitational vortex forms, pulling nearby ships into its crushing embrace.”

Rule Change: At the end of each movement phase, all ships within 6″ of the vortex must pass a Leadership test. Failure results in the ship being pulled 2D6″ towards the vortex’s center. Colliding with the vortex causes immediate critical damage.


Solar Storm Surge

” A massive solar storm engulfs the battlefield, disrupting navigational systems and energy fields.”

Rule Change: At the beginning of each turn, roll a D6 for each ship on the battlefield. On a roll of 1-2, the ship’s shields are reduced by half due to energy fluctuations caused by the solar storm. On a roll of 3-4, the ship’s engine power is halved. On a roll of 5-6, the ship’s communications are disrupted, and it cannot receive orders for that turn.