Each campaign turn roll d100 on this table to see if any events occur. These events are rare but when they first happen, they may impact the game area in profound ways.


Veil of the Void

“As the ship navigates the treacherous void, The Captain ponders the course amidst the grim darkness of the Gothic sector.”

Add +1 Void Point to your total.


Rogue's Reprieve

“Encountering rogue traders in the expanse, the Captain secures vital support for the fleet’s quest.”

You may take one additional Expedition this campaign turn.


Warpstrands Unveiled

” A mysterious cipher surfaces from the warp’s depths, revealing hidden paths to the Captain.”

Add +1 Warp Point to your resources.


Shrouded Benefactors

“Secretive Eldar Corsairs extend their aid, cloaked in shadows and intrigue.”

You do not have to pay Ship Maintenance this campaign turn.


Inquisitorial Scrutiny

“The watchful eyes of the Inquisition fall upon the fleet, investigating potential heresy.”

Select a random ship. It gains the “Under Investigation” status, suffering -1 to its Leadership for the next battle.


Warp Rift Turbulence

“The fleet encounters unstable warp rifts, causing damage to critical ship systems.”

Select a random ship. One of its systems becomes Damaged.


Recruiters' Struggle

“Navigating the underbelly of the sector, recruitment efforts face adversity.”

If this is a small outpost or mining colony, you cannot Recruit this campaign turn. If it is a significant settlement, you can only recruit regular crew members, not veteran officers.


Psychic Healer

“A powerful astropathic healer emerges, offering to mend wounds and psychic strain.”

Select an injured crew member, and mark one turn off their recovery time. If this heals them completely, they can act normally this campaign turn, including participating in battles.


Vigilant Patrol

“The outpost’s defenders join forces with the fleet to safeguard the region against threats.”

You will receive 1 extra Void Point if Patrolling this campaign turn, during the Exploration Phase.


Profane Prophecies

“A cryptic seer delivers ominous prophecies of doom and rare opportunities.”

Generate a mission this campaign turn. If you opt to undertake the mission, it rewards +1 Campaign Point.


Forbidden Archives

“An enigmatic archivist imparts long-lost knowledge to the Captain, unraveling ancient enigmas.”

If you take a Research campaign activity this campaign turn, you may add +2 to the roll.


Risky Gambit

“Amidst the bleak expanse of the void, a gambling craze ensnares our fleet. The allure of games of chance tempts all, and money changes hands rapidly.”

Should you take a Gamble campaign activity this turn, the dice may favor you twice, granting two results to apply.


Navigating the Fields

“The Gothic sector’s worlds are not only rife with battles but also in constant need of labor.”

Engage in field work and support the locals. Invest your campaign activities in helping with the fields, and the community will reward you with 1 Gold Mark for the first activity and 2 more for the second. In a hamlet, your dedication can even cover your Upkeep Costs for this turn.


Consequences of Conflict

“In the dark void, tensions can flare, and conflicts arise. Should someone in your warband clash with the locals, repercussions follow.”

You may call upon a trusted Friend to mediate, rolling a D6. On a result of 5-6, they can sway the locals in your favor. Otherwise, you must compensate the aggrieved family with D3 Gold Marks or forfeit all campaign activities this turn.


A Beacon of Hope

“In the grim darkness of the sector, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of a youthful volunteer. A promising young person offers to join your battles.”

Embrace their aid by adding a Crew to your fleet, and their presence may also grant you valuable insights, rolling on the Flash of Insight Table (p.195). Alternatively, you may decline their assistance, earning 1 Adventure Point.


Traders and Oddities

“A boom in trade, revealing the myriad goods traded in the Gothic sector’s shadowy corners.”

In outposts or settlements, you may generate an extra Rare Goods item this turn, possibly holding valuable secrets for our endeavors. If you find yourself in a hamlet, engage with the locals as they peddle their trivial wares, and on a roll of D6, a merchant Friend may come your way.


Ship's Bane

“Amidst the void’s relentless expanse, treachery manifests within your fleet. Sinister hands, hidden in the shadows, steal vital cargo and ship materiel. Beware of these shipboard thieves lurking amidst your crew.”

Their cunning heists cause you to lose essential resources: -1 RP if in the Void, -2 RP in planetary systems, and -3 RP while docked in ports. Should their audacity surpass your reserves, they won’t hesitate to cripple your ship’s capabilities. Remain vigilant, for danger lurks within your own fleet in the Grim Gothic sector.


A Nautical Respite

“Amidst the unyielding darkness of the void, amidst the dangers and battles, a rare glimmer of hope emerges. A tavern owner, recognizing the struggles faced by those who sail the grim void, extends a gracious gesture. The crew is welcomed with free sustenance and shelter, providing respite from the hardships of the void.”

The burden of usual Upkeep is lifted this turn, lightening the load on the warband’s resources. In villages or towns, the crew can even consider prolonging their stay without incurring the customary upkeep cost, finding solace in this rare act of kindness in the Gothic sector.


Munitions Scarcity

“The harsh reality of the Gothic sector manifests as a shortage of vital raw materials. Procuring essential weapons and supplies becomes a challenging endeavor.”

In Outposts or Colonies, no weapons and supplies can be purchased, and even rare items yield no results. Repairs cost double. However, Settlements maintain meager stockpiles. While non-rare items remain unavailable, you may purchase rare weapons or supplies at an increased cost of +2 Gold Marks.

Furthermore, all Blacksmith repairs incur an additional cost of +1 Gold Mark this turn.


Nourishing Gesture

“Amidst the relentless battles, a kind-hearted soul from the local populace provides support.”

A “thoughtful” Ranking person provide the fleet with a nourishing lunch, granting one pack of rations.


Lingering Wounds

93-95 Lingering Wounds

“A wound sustained by the Captain proves more persistent than anticipated.”

A random injured character’s natural recovery is delayed this campaign turn, requiring an additional turn to heal. However, items and activities that expedite recovery still function as usual. If no one is injured, a character wakes up with a sore shoulder, constantly moaning about it throughout the day.


Ambushed by the Void Pirates!

“In the cruel void of the Gothic sector, treachery lurks in the shadows.”

Roll a D6: If you roll a result of 1-5, your fleet suffers a loss of -2 Resource Provisions, and on a roll of 6, you are robbed of -6 Resource Provisions (or all available if insufficient). Beware, for a cunning Enemy Fleet led by ruthless Void Pirates is revealed in your current Map Area. Engaging in battle will not grant you Campaign Points, but should you manage to emerge victorious and Hold the Void, you may reclaim your plundered resources.