Red River Campaign

Battle of Glassford

The first clash of arms and the initiation of the war between the Eastern and the Western Realms.

The Shadow Host has made it`s way through the marshlands and arrive the outskirts of Ilith-Hen when dawn is breaking. The Host take up position on the north-banks of the river Glassford to cut off the enemy from leaving. Gringar fear that the element of surprise is lost due to the slow progress through the marshes and order an immediate assault. The goal is to prevent the news of war leaving the region.

Gringar deploy his deceitful mind and torch close by vegetation and buildings to conceal his troops deployment. Deception.

The light cavalry escorting the messenger from Dorn arrive Ilit-Hen as the Shadow Host muster on the outskirt of the town. By out maneuvering The Shadow Host they barely manage to slip past them. The messenger delivers the mobilization orders from Godhard Joken and report on the size of the Shadow Host. Nildron Klemar order for an all out attack to let the messenger sneak out and head for Otillien.

The defenders dig inn and awaits the attack. The bow guard is equipped with Stakes.


“Message of War”
The Defenders of Ilith-Hen must break through the attacking lines and dispatch a mounted unit / character carrying the message of war by leaving the battlefield by the Shadow Hosts board side.