Red River Campaign

Strategic Rules

The weather do have an important impact on how the campaign progress.  This map show the different geographical regions which result in a variety of weather.  Each region has the newest prediction noted at the top in the “tool tip” info frame. A compete history of the weather from the start of the campaign is also kept here.


-Draw 2 event cards

Pay 1 coin to keep target lord at the same location, campaigning an additional turn.


Pay 1 loot to keep target lord at a friendly location, campaigning an additional turn.

Muster (nb = Lordship value)

In friendly location (own realm or conquerd stronghold)

Muster Lord (less or equal to fealty)
Muster troops (One vassal)
Muster transport
Muster Capabilities

Call to Arms!


Plan (+ declear leutenants)






-Feed armies (Double if army is equal or more than 7)
-If unfed, Lord`s service marker shift left on the calendar.
-Disband now if needed, you may pay to avoid.


If any assets or card of war exceed 2 of the same type, lose any 1 asset or card of war.

Season change:
Exhange carts into sleds or visa versa.

Discard card of war cards if total number of cards exceed the number of campaigning lords.