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Game Rules
World Create Landmass


Mountains rise, forests grow. Small settlements begin to form, including an empire for each player to develop throughout the course of the game. During this stage of the game, each player will take turns drawing out the islands, geography, factions, and resources in their “Home Region”

Create Landmass

Roll 1 six sided die, consult the table and take turns drawing islands into your “Home Region”

IMAGINARY WORLDS is a world creation system that may be used in several ways. Used as a game, you and your friends will take control of an entire IMAGINARY WORLD. Dividing the map equally and working together you will create unique landmasses, geography, and resources for your world. From there each player will take command of a major faction and develop it from a struggling settlement to a massive empire, or perhaps drive it into the lost histories of time.

Used strictly as a world creation tool, you take upon yourself the task to create this world. IMAGINARY WORLDS provide a step by step structure to do this. It`s random mechanics let you create bits and part of the world, from Gods, landscape, buildings and Famous individuals. These individual part become the foundation for your creation of …