1st Plot Hook (Difficulty 2)

As Kiliam woke from the brutal bashing by the assailants, he knew that Endomer was taken prisoner. His map showed that the rout south which the purpetrators had taken followed the river. In a desperate attempt Kiliam tied together a raft and gave chase, in hope to catch up seize the first and best opportunity to free his companion.


The raft rested on the shore of the great lake. The marslands streched towards the mountains in the northwest where smoke is drifting from a distant location. Last summers reeds frozen in the ice, as a reminder of how cold he was, now as Kilian had lost feeling in feets and hands. A friendly stranger provide him with a wool blanket and food and directs him to the village Tentridge up ahead in the forest.

Village of Tentridge:

The village sits upon a granite outcrop, accessible by a single road. It is governed by the priests of the village temple. The people of Tentridge seek a company of adventurers

Trade: Fur


The village is stricken by some foul illness. What is causing the sickness? (A) How do you remain safe? Loose 1 reputation Gain 2 reputation.

Restock / Sleep