Red River Campaign

Operational Journal

The weather do have an important impact on how the campaign progress.  This map show the different geographical regions which result in a variety of weather.  Each region has the newest prediction noted at the top in the “tool tip” info frame. A compete history of the weather from the start of the campaign is also kept here.

“Sword and Spear Fantasy Rules by “Great Escape Games” is used for operational encounters. A mass army battle rule system which takes a interesting approach to how these battles are fought.”

The allocation of orders are based on mechanics which at first glance seems dictated by random. Risk reduction and planning makes this rule set a different experience compared to the tactical operations which is quite a game of luck.


-Draw 2 event cards

Pay 1 coin to keep target lord at the same location, campaigning an additional turn.


Pay 1 loot to keep target lord at a friendly location, campaigning an additional turn.

Muster (nb = Lordship value)

In friendly location (own realm or conquerd stronghold)

Muster Lord (less or equal to fealty)
Muster troops (One vassal)
Muster transport
Muster Capabilities

Call to Arms!


Plan (+ declear leutenants)






-Feed armies (Double if army is equal or more than 7)
-If unfed, Lord`s service marker shift left on the calendar.
-Disband now if needed, you may pay to avoid.


If any assets or card of war exceed 2 of the same type, lose any 1 asset or card of war.

Season change:
Exhange carts into sleds or visa versa.

Discard card of war cards if total number of cards exceed the number of campaigning lords.