Events & Capabilities
Bridge Fortified Camp Marsh Flank March Ambush Hill Halbruder Catapult Halbruder Western Fervor Hillforts Stiring in the East Prepare the defence Kailin Conclave Summer Campaign The Harpin Lord Sacred Call Rise of Underhill Warft Master The Prevailant Queen Treaty of Otillien Urks amassing Alliance Dangerous Terrain Sack and Pillage Bountiful Harvest Master of Sieges Treason at Ènmar Lightning March Tomb of Malnu The Apostorium The Mendoor Doom Raiders Famine



Fortified Camp

Any Lord

Hold: While defending in a battle this lord gains a baggage camp fortified with a ditch and bank, palisades, stakes, etc. A fortified camp counts as a normal baggage camp in all respects, except that:

- It is Armoured
- The camp only suffers a hit when doubled in a paired dice roll, rather than just beaten.
- The camp can inflict discipline tests and hits on the opposing unit in the normal manner.


Hold: While defending, opposing cavalry units are delayed d4 turns.

Flank March

This lord sends some of his troops on a flank march, to arrive on one flank at a predetermined time. Before deployment, secretly note down which units will be sent to which flank and the turn they are due to arrive. A commander, any except the commander in charge must be with them.


Hold: One skirmisher unit or hero may be kept back and not deployed in the normal deployment phase. At the end of all deployment, this unit may either be placed anywhere on the table, as long as it is out of sight of all enemy troops, or deployed in the normal deployment area. If both players have chosen this stratagem, the outscouted player deploys his ambusher first.


Hold: This Lords archers gains an additional 2DU to their range while shooting from an elevated position.


One of this Lords cavalry and medium infantry may


This Lords units may gain impetus while assaulting walls.


One of this Lords units may

Western Fervor

Hold: Play on Goodhard Joken of Dorn to shift service marker 2 boxes or for +2 Lordship.


One Lord may reduce his feed cost by 1 if located in a mountain or hill location.

Stiring in the East

Hold: Play on Nalinia Rane of Greenvale or Goodhard Joken of Dorn to shif service marker 2 boxes or +2 Lordship.

Prepare the defence

This Lord may spend all commandpoints and 6 provender to strenghten the fortifications at his location.

Kailin Conclave

Slide one service marker 1 box to the left and add this cards capability (Summer Campaign) to your capability pool.

Summer Campaign

Each Summer a Lord located at a Unbesieged crown seat may muster for free. These units are disbanded when this card leaves play. Discard this card at the beginning of Late Winter.

The Harpin Lord

Hold: Play on Kavdoro Ferndown of Monera or Ketrus Arrithur od Amanôr to move service marker 2 spaces or gain +2 Lordship.

Sacred Call

This Lords Peasants act as Fanatics during battle.

Rise of Underhill

Play on Bjallin Truegrip of Tralabad and Gardic Malnu of Kereen to move service marker 1 space.

Warft Master

This Lords ships act as 2 ships. Can be shared anywhere and ignore Tempests.

The Prevailant Queen

Play on Kreadrel Feen of Bend or the Lord which has it`s service marker furthest to the right. Move selected Lords service marker 2 spaces.

Treaty of Otillien

Ketrus Arrithur of Amanôr and Goodhard Joken of Dorn gain +1 command.

Urks amassing

Bjallin Truegrip of Tralabad or Kreadrel Feen of Bend move 2 spaces.


Western Lords may be recruited at the closest Crown Seat and gain +1 command.

Dangerous Terrain


Hold: After terrain has been placed, the player may designate one terrain feature as dangerous. After deployment, and in every end phase, any unit (from either side) that is within (or partly within) this terrain feature must take a discipline test.

This can represent a variety of different things - some examples are carnivous plants, quicksand, hostile natives, wild creatures.

A marker can be used to remind players that the terrain feature is dangerous, but better showing it is to have a modelled representation of the cause of the danger.

Sack and Pillage

Place a Ravage marker in a location under Eastern control within 2 spaces of a Western city or stronghold. The targeted space cannot contain a lord or stronghold.

Bountiful Harvest

Immediately remove a Ravaged marker from a city, stronghold or a location one distance away from a Western city or stronghold. (Remember that distances at sea is treated differently. One distance at sea is from one port to the next port or the one thereafter)

Master of Sieges

All lords

This lord may add a Siege marker when storming a wall or remove a Siege marker when Sally.

Treason at Ènmar

Any lord

Hold: Play if a Western lord is closer than any Eastern lord to Ènmar to Conquer it. (No spoils of war)

Lightning March

This lord gains a free move by road.

For every true statement, an additional free move by road is gained.

- The army contains no Heavy Armoured troops.
- The army contains more Mounted troops than none mounted troops.
- The army contains 4 or fewer units.

Tomb of Malnu

Hold: Play to disband Gardic Malnu to add 4 none-loot assets each to two on board western lords.

The Apostorium

Apostorium in play

Place Apostorium marker on this card, and return it to this card when used.

The Mendoor Doom

Remove up to 3 assets from Khebdev Zar or 3 coins from the Altar.


Any Lord with mounted troops

This Lord may Ravage adjacent locations connected by roads which contain no lord, once for every Command card.


This Season, Easten Supply adds maximum 1 provender per Command card from Seats and none from Forage.

All Western Lords

Each Eastern Lord removed during battle or while besieged add coins to the victorious lord equal to the defeated lord`s Service.